Our Consultancy

We provide consultancy for :

  1. Right to Information
    Drafting of Application and forwarding the same to right authority and assisting in follow up and replying. Assist in preparing Filing Appeals under RTI Act.

  2. General Insurance Policies
    From Selection of Insurance Company, Risk Management, Advise on underwriting and rating, wordings, coverage, It begins as soon as we have scrutinized and passed your policy. We assist you in claim settlements, administer all your endorsements and amendments, track your renewals and undertake the renewal process with equal rigor as that of the first placement.

  3. General Insurance Claims
    All types of General Insurance claims consultancy from filing of claims till finalization of claims by insurance company

  4. Consumer Forum Cases
    Filing Consumer Forum cases at District level, State Level and Nation level. We have dedicated panel of advocates who takes care of entire proceedings.

  5. Life Insurance Policy
    From Selection of Insurance Company, Plan and Maintaining Records and provide updates.

  6. Family Will
    Help you in transferring assets to your family members and beneficiaries through Estate Planning. Advising on preparation, drafting of Family will and succession Planning. Help you in registering your Will with Authorities.

  7. Legal Cases
    All legal matter and liaison with Advocates and Solicitors.